Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
(9-11 January 2003)

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One of the recommendations of the High Level Committee on the Indian Diaspora (HLC) set up by Government of India under the chairmanship of Dr. L.M.Singhvi, MP, relates to celebration of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas on 9th January every year.

While receiving the Report of the HLC at a public function at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi on 8th January 2002 Prime Minister accepted the recommendation and announced that "Pravasi Bharatiya Divas"(PBD) will be celebrated in India and abroad on the ninth day of January every year. The choice of the date is significant as it was on this day that Mahatma Gandhi himself a Pravasi Bharatiya in South Africa for almost two decades finally returned to India in 1915 to lead India's freedom struggle.

The first PBD is being organized in New Delhi from January 9-11, 2003 in recognition and appreciation of the constructive economic, political and philanthropic role played by the Indian Diaspora as well as the goodwill demonstrated by it towards India. Overseas Indians are today estimated to be over 20 million spread across the world. This biggest ever event should emerge as the most prestigious gathering of the Indian Diaspora.

Prime Minister has kindly consented to inaugurate the first PBD on 9th January 2003. The event will also be attended by prominent members of the Union Cabinet, Chief Ministers of various States of India and senior Government officials.

The first PBD celebration include an international convention for three days (January 9-11, 2003) being organized in partnership with FICCI where cream of the Indian community from all over the globe will be present. Seven to eight breakout sessions will be held on a wide number of topics like Economic Development, International Trade, Industrial Development and Investment promotion,I.T.,Biotechnology, Education, Culture, Science & Technology, Health and Tourism etc.

A special postage stamp and first day cover are also proposed to be issued on this occasion. Cultural programmes showcasing the diversity of India are proposed to be organized on the evening January 9-10, 2003.

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